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What is MarketingBlocks AI? AI-Power For Businesses

April 8, 2023


Are you looking to transform the way you create marketing assets for your business or your clients? Look no further. In this article, we'll explore what is MarketingBlocks AI and how it can revolutionize your marketing strategy. This AI-powered tool simplifies the process of creating various online business assets, saving you time and money while delivering professional-quality results.

What is MarketingBlocks AI?

MarketingBlocks AI is an all-in-one AI marketing software developed by Ifiok Nkem. It offers an extensive range of features, including AI-powered website creation, landing pages, logos, videos, banners, ads, marketing copy, emails, voiceovers, and more. With an emphasis on ease of use, MarketingBlocks AI eliminates the need for technical or design skills and provides a cost-effective alternative to complex tools or expensive freelancers and agencies.

what is marketingblocks ai

How Does MarketingBlocks AI Work?

To create marketing assets with MarketingBlocks AI, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your product name and description: Provide the AI with essential information about your business or product.
  2. Select the type of online business asset you need: Choose from a variety of assets, such as landing pages, AI logo design, or marketing copy.
  3. Let the AI generate 100% original assets: Within minutes, MarketingBlocks AI will create professional-quality assets for your business or clients.

Key AI Tools in MarketingBlocks AI

What is MarketingBlocks AI without diving into its key features? Here are some of the most powerful AI tools within MarketingBlocks AI:

  • AI Website Import: Import any landing page or website into the AI website builder.
  • AI-Powered eCommerce Website Builder: Create eCommerce sites to sell physical or digital products.
  • SEO Content Brief & AI Longform Content Writer: Generate content that ranks on search engines and brings free traffic.
  • AI Text To Image (ArtBlocks): Turn text into compelling images and arts in seconds.
  • AI Image Eraser: Remove unwanted objects, defects, people, watermarks, or text from images.
  • AI Course Creator: Generate course ideas, titles, outlines, descriptions, content, and marketing assets.
  • AI Code Writer: Write code, troubleshoot, and fix buggy code snippets.
  • AI Business Model Canvas Generator: Generate content for a professional business module canvas.
  • Grammarly Pro-Style AI Sentence Improver: Write faster and communicate better with an AI-powered sentence improver.
  • AI Story Telling & Story Selling: Write creative stories that catch attention and evoke emotions in readers.
  • AI Tools For Social & Content Marketing: Generate carousel posts, YouTube ideas, hashtags, hooks, Instagram captions, TikTok topics, and more.

Sell Online Business Assets with MarketingBlocks AI

MarketingBlocks AI offers a free commercial license, allowing users to sell online business assets to clients and earn revenue. Pricing options include a bundle deal at $247 per year or a funnel option with a front-end price of $47 and various upsells.

MarketingBlocks AI: A Futuristic Marketing Assistant

At the core of what is MarketingBlocks AI is Ethan, the AI marketing assistant that creates marketing assets for over 16,000 entrepreneurs, agencies, and marketers, including those working with renowned companies. Ethan generates human-like marketing assets that are indistinguishable from the work of expert marketers.

what is MarketingBlocks AI

MarketingBlocks AI Asset Creation Tools

MarketingBlocks AI offers a wide range of tools to create various AI based personalization assets:

  • Copy & Content: Generates original and high-converting marketing copy in 100+ languages for social media ads, blogs, websites, e-commerce stores, sales pages, videos, Quora, SEO, and company profiles.
  • Landing Pages: Builds high-converting landing pages with original content tailored for your business using a drag-and-drop page builder.
  • Banners & Ads: Creates stunning, professional, and highly converting designs, writing scripts, searching for relevant media, and combining everything for bulk creation.
  • Promo Videos: Produces professional videos to engage your audience and convert them into high-paying customers by writing scripts and combining relevant media.
  • Branding Kit: Develops brand identity assets, such as logos, business cards, mission and vision statements, slogans, taglines, and value propositions in under 60 seconds.
  • Voiceovers: Converts powerful scripts into audio using one of 30 high-quality male and female AI voices.
  • Long-form Writer: Generates full blogs, books, business plans, VSL scripts, courses, and more without brainstorming, writing, or editing.
  • AI Content Briefs: Helps outline and write articles that rank on search engines and bring free traffic, using top results from target search queries to curate SEO-optimized briefs.
  • Image Eraser: Removes unwanted objects, defects, people, watermarks, or text from images with a simple brush and one click.
  • Background Removal: Automatically removes image backgrounds while maintaining the base image's quality.
  • Text to Art: Converts text into compelling images and art for use in businesses or client projects.

Ethan integrates seamlessly with popular third-party advertising, analytics, CRM, email marketing, and marketing automation platforms. This AI marketing assistant eliminates the need to spend thousands of dollars and waste time on untrustworthy freelancers or complicated tools, allowing users to complete marketing tasks that would take days or weeks in just minutes.

MarketingBlocks AI: A Profitable Marketing Agency Opportunity

Growth of Marketing Agency

What is MarketingBlocks AI if not a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs and agencies? The tool's capabilities extend beyond creating assets for your own business, as it comes with a commercial license worth $497, which allows you to sell the assets individually or as part of a package to clients. This can lead to a profitable marketing agency, especially with over 31 million small businesses in the U.S. alone looking for assistance with logos, designs, marketing copy, promo videos, voiceovers, and more.

MarketingBlocks AI can create online business assets in over 100 international languages, positioning you as an agency that helps people set up online businesses without being an expert in writing, designing, or relying on freelancers and agencies.

Notable Features of MarketingBlocks AI

Some of the standout features of MarketingBlocks AI include an AI-graphic design editor, video editor, text-to-speech editor with access to over 30 high-quality natural-sounding voiceover artists, and a page builder that generates stunning and high-converting pages in just a few minutes. The tool also includes a built-in wizard that auto-generates and resizes marketing assets for various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

By offering a one-time fee without recurring payments and backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, MarketingBlocks AI presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, marketers, and businesses looking to simplify and streamline the process of creating online business assets.

In conclusion, what is MarketingBlocks AI? It is a powerful and versatile AI-powered marketing tool that can save you time and money while creating high-quality marketing assets for your business or clients. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your marketing strategies and grow your business with the help of MarketingBlocks AI.

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