In the fast-paced world of AI-driven creativity, the quest for a truly reliable, effective, and user-friendly midjourney alternative is a topic on many lips. One emerging candidate raising the bar and turning heads is Leonardo AI. The platform, originally designed for game asset development, has evolved into a versatile tool capable of generating a broad range of AI artwork that's both compelling and unique. But is it the midjourney alternative we've all been waiting for? Let's take a deep dive.

Beyond Midjourney: Introducing Leonardo AI

Leonardo operates on a credit system, with a daily provision of 350 credits. Users can create up to 150 images a day, though actions call for varying token amounts. Unlike many other AI tools, Leonardo features a unique and proprietary diffusion model that produces vibrant, contrast-rich images, rivalling those of a midjourney alternative. What sets Leonardo apart are its distinctive features, its flexibility, and the level of control it offers its users.

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Not Your Typical Midjourney Alternative: Leonardo's Unique Features

Leonardo provides various options to control your artistic process, such as adjusting the aspect ratio, defining the number of images to generate, and varying degrees of 'prompt magic.' With prompt magic, you can apply additional Leonardo styling to the images for a touch of extra pizzazz. It is taking AI for graphics design to a next level.

To guide the AI, you can control the prompt's guidance scale, defining how closely the AI should follow the initial instruction. If you've got something specific in mind, you can add negative prompts to exclude certain elements from your image. For those not quite savvy with prompt engineering, Leonardo lends a hand with a prompt generation option that helps create more detailed prompts based on a simple base prompt.

Getting Creative with Leonardo: Upscaling, Canvas Tool, and More

Among the suite of creative features Leonardo offers, the upscaler tool stands out. It allows users to enlarge smaller images, and you can choose between standard and HD crisp upscalers. Then there's the canvas tool, a function that lets you generate more of an image that's off the screen. You can create a mask, move a selection area, and generate additional elements for your image, like birds in the sky or an expanded scenery.

Leonardo's Control Net feature, although currently only compatible with the stable diffusion 1.5 model, can model the pose of an uploaded image. Got an image of a man pointing and smiling? Leonardo can generate a series of images based on that pose.

Training Your Dataset: Leonardo's User-Friendly Midjourney Alternative

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What's more, Leonardo gives you the opportunity to train your own dataset, opening endless doors to artistic exploration. You can upload multiple similar images, train a model, and then generate similar images. The cherry on top? You have the choice to share your model with the Leonardo community or keep it private.

One of Leonardo's most intriguing features is its compatibility with real images, not just AI-generated ones. By selecting an area and prompting the software, you can expand a real image, continuing the landscape or scene.

The Photoshop of AI: A Midjourney Alternative Worth Exploring

Although still developing, Leonardo is already showing promise as a solid midjourney alternative. With alpha stage features like texture generation and an evolving array of user-developed models, this platform could soon be the "Photoshop of AI." Despite being waitlist-based as of May 2023, spots are opening rapidly.

It's clear that Leonardo is more than just another AI tool. With its distinctive features, it's poised to become a front-runner among AI art tools, making it a truly attractive alternative to new midjourney styles

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