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Personalize Videos with BHuman

April 8, 2023


In the world of marketing and sales, personalized content is more important than ever. BHuman is an AI-driven video marketing platform that has emerged as a game changer, making it easier than ever to create personalized videos for marketing campaigns. This article will explore what is BHuman, its features, use cases, and how to get started with the platform.

Understanding BHuman: An AI-Powered Video Marketing Solution

what is bhuman

BHuman is an AI-driven platform offer AI based personalization to create personalized videos using AI-generated voices. It allows users to create videos that sound human, personal, and engaging, using a variety of features to enhance the overall experience.

Key Features of BHuman

  • Built-in Spreadsheet: BHuman's interface includes a built-in spreadsheet program where users can input variables like names and products. Once the variables are added, the platform generates videos with these personalized elements.
  • Flexible Video Sources: Users can connect their video sources to BHuman in three ways: through a blank spreadsheet, by uploading a CSV file, or using a platform like Zapier to automate the process. This flexibility makes it easy to integrate BHuman into a variety of marketing strategies and campaigns.
  • Tiered Pricing Plans: The platform offers tiered pricing plans, with AppSumo offering a lifetime deal on one of the tiers, making it an attractive option for users who want a cost-effective video marketing solution. BHuman's AppSumo plan includes up to 5,000 videos per month, providing a great value for the one-time price of $379.
  • Phone Number Integration: An interesting feature of BHuman is its integration with phone numbers, allowing users to forward text messages and calls from the platform to their personal phone numbers. This adds a new level of convenience and connectivity for users who want to keep their marketing efforts organized and streamlined.
  • Tutorials and Use Cases: BHuman provides tutorials and use cases to help users get the most out of the platform, with step-by-step walkthroughs and suggested guidelines for recording videos, creating variables, and connecting data sources.

How to Get Started with BHuman

To start using BHuman, users need to train the AI voice, a simple process that comes with clear instructions. Once the AI voice is trained, users can record their video using one of three methods: uploading it into BHuman, recording it through a webcam, or recording it through a mobile phone.

After recording, users can select variables that they want the AI voice to replace, allowing the AI-generated voice to replace the original one. Variable information can be provided to BHuman in one of three ways, with the demo using the built-in spreadsheet within the platform.

Once the videos are rendered, users can review the results and make improvements to the AI voice if necessary.

what is bhuman

Tips for Achieving the Best Results

The video demonstrates the AI-generated voice in two sample videos, emphasizing the importance of using the same microphone for both AI voice training and video recording. This is crucial for achieving a natural sound in the videos, as using different microphones with varying levels can result in an unnatural sound.

In summary, BHuman is a powerful tool for creating AI-generated videos with personalized voices. To ensure the best results, users should train the AI voice correctly, use the same microphone for training and recording, and provide variable information through one of the three available methods. Following these steps will help produce on-demand, natural-sounding AI-generated videos.

BHuman in Action: Use Cases and Benefits

BHuman has been successfully used by sales teams, politicians, and brands to create unique and engaging AI sales copy and video assets. Some of the use cases and benefits of BHuman include:

Lead Generation with BHuman
  • Lead Generation: Use personalized videos to capture the attention of potential customers and increase conversion rates.
  • Education and Conversion: Educate and persuade prospects with customized video content tailored to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Upsells and Cross-sells: Utilize personalized videos to promote additional products or services to existing customers, increasing overall sales.
  • Customer Care and Success: Enhance customer support and satisfaction by providing personalized video messages that address individual concerns or queries.

Comparing BHuman to Alternatives

There are other AI-powered video generation platforms available in the market, such as Synthesia and Rephrase.ai. Synthesia is priced at $24/month, while Rephrase.ai costs $25/month. However, BHuman stands out due to its comprehensive feature set, flexible pricing plans, and convenient features like phone number integration and various data connection options.

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