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June 16, 2023


Howdy! Today we'll be taking a deep dive into the art of stealing. But, hang on! No need to call the cops – we're only talking about stealing SEO keywords. Buckle up, because we're about to teach you how to "steal winning SEO keywords" and come out on top in the SERP showdown!

Snoop Around with Sitemaps

steal winning seo keywords

The first step to nabbing those coveted SEO keywords is getting to grips with your competitor's site structure. Enter the world of sitemaps. Picture a sitemap as a blueprint of your competitor's website. You can typically find it at "website.com/sitemap.xml". It's like your competitor left a treasure map lying around for you. Go on, grab it!

From the sitemap, you'll see how their website is built and which areas are raking in the most traffic. Pretty nifty, right?

ChatGPT: Your Keyword Extraction Buddy

Now that you've got a list of URLs from your competitor's sitemap, it's time to bring in the big guns. We're talking about ChatGPT. For this, you don't need the latest version. ChatGPT 3.5 will do just fine.

Feed ChatGPT a simple command like "extract the keywords from this list of URLs", paste in your URLs, and voila! The AI will spit out all the keywords your competitors have been cleverly hiding. It's like having a truffle pig for keywords! Knowing a few ChatGPT prompt tricks will help you in getting better results. 

Checking Under the Hood with Keyword Verification

With your newly extracted keywords in hand, it's time to run a background check. We're talking about verifying these keywords using nifty tools like the Google Ads Keyword Planner or Ahrefs Keyword Generator.

These handy tools will show you the number of searches per month for specific keywords. It's a brilliant way to know if you've struck gold or just fool's gold!

The Hunt for the Custom Sitemap

Stumbled upon a website that's done a good job hiding their sitemap? No worries, we've got a trick up our sleeve. Simply use the "site:website.com sitemap" command in Google. If their sitemap is indexable on Google, you'll find it. It's like your personal compass to guide you through the wilderness of your competitor's website.

Spying with Search Operators

Spying with Search Operators

Ever wanted to be a spy? Here's your chance. By using search operators in Google (like "site:competitorwebsite.com"), you can unravel the mystery of their SEO strategy, analyze their URL structures, and see their top-ranking pages. You'll feel like James Bond of the SEO world!

Magic Bookmarklets: Titles Galore!

Next, we'll conjure up a magical tool called a bookmarklet. It scrapes titles from a Google SERP page and copies them to your clipboard. With this list of titles, you can use ChatGPT to extract a treasure trove of potential keywords. Abracadabra!

SEMrush: The Ace Up Your Sleeve

While not entirely free, using a free trial of SEMrush's Guru plan is a tip worth its weight in gold. This trial unlocks virtually unlimited data from SEMrush, including, you guessed it, your competitors' keywords!

Deciphering the Trends with ChatGPT

steal winning seo keywords

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all these keywords and articles? Don't sweat it. ChatGPT can take this information and identify trends, patterns, and even suggest new article ideas. It's like having a seasoned market analyst in your pocket!

Speedy Rankings with AI SEO

Now comes the pièce de résistance - writing SEO-optimized articles. Not just any articles, mind you, but the ones that get you on Google's first page in less than eight hours! Sounds too good to be true? That's where AI SEO comes into play.

The "How I ranked on Google in under eight hours using AI SEO" method has proven to be a game-changer. This top-performing GPT-4 prompt is the secret sauce that's been missing from your SEO strategy. What are you waiting for? Give it a spin!

A Wrap-Up... But Not Goodbye!

And there you have it! A comprehensive guide to spy on your competitors' keywords using a mix of free tools and techniques like sitemaps, search operators, keyword extraction tools, keyword generators, and AI tools like ChatGPT.

The bottom line? By understanding and leveraging your competitors' keyword strategies, you can uncover hidden SEO opportunities and emerge as a winner in the SERP showdown. Just remember to keep this new-found power in check - with great SEO power comes great responsibility!

So, are you ready to start stealing winning SEO keywords and claiming your spot at the top? It's time to put your newfound skills to the test. Happy SEO hunting!

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