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April 29, 2023


Automating Your Business with Auto GPT & God Mode

Are you a marketer or business owner looking to take advantage of the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI)? If so, then you will want to check out Auto GPT and God Mode. Launched on March 30, 2023, Auto GPT is an open-source Python application which uses Chat GPT-4 to act autonomously. (Follow this link if you're new to AI and need to find out what is chat gpt)

This AI has powerful capabilities such as long-term and short-term memory, voice recognition, text generation, file storage and web access. With it, you can automate multiple tasks with little to no human input and self-prompting.

In this article, we will discuss how you can use Auto GPT & God Mode to automate your business processes. We will go over what Auto GPT is capable of doing as well as its potential limitations. We will also provide detailed examples of how you can use this AI tool for tasks such as booking flights, ordering food and improving customer service. Finally, we’ll look at how to access “God Mode” and what type of OpenAI account you will need in order to do so.

What Is Auto GPT?


Auto GPT is an open source Python application which uses Chat GPT-4 to act autonomously. This AI has powerful capabilities such as long-term and short-term memory, voice recognition, text generation, file storage and web access. With it you can automate multiple tasks with little or no human intervention or self prompting. Examples of what this AI can do include creating a self completing to do list, debugging code and writing articles on its own emergence with funny intros included!

What Can You Do With Auto GPT?

Auto GPT has numerous potential applications in marketing and business processes such as:

  1. Booking flights: Automate the tedious task of comparing flight prices across various airlines from different sites
  2. Ordering food: Streamline the process of ordering food from restaurants by automating your preferences
  3. Improving customer service: Automatically respond quickly and accurately when customers ask questions about products or services
  4. Debugging code: Automatically detect errors in code written by developers and suggest fixes
  5. Writing articles: Automatically generate content based on topics given by the user with funny intros included and doing ai based research.
  6. Automating complex multi step tasks: Break down complex tasks into simpler ones that require little human intervention
  7. Self prompting: Automatically remind users when they have tasks left incomplete or when they need to take action on something

How Do You Access God Mode?

auto gpt godmode

To access “God Mode” users must have an OpenAI account in addition to a ChatGPT account for the AI tool itself (check out DavidTatera for more information on using these tools). Once logged in users are able to interface with the AI directly through natural language commands like “find me the best computer under $1000 for video editing with Premiere Pro” or “book me a pair of Air Jordans” .

In order for these requests to be actioned users must provide all relevant data necessary for the task at hand including budget constraints , preferences etc . Additionally users must specify what they want done differently if they are not satisfied with the results provided by AutoGTP . For example if a user wants their article written differently they may specify what changes need implementing so that the AI can adjust accordingly .

Limitations Of AutoGTP

Despite its promising capabilities , there are still some limitations that come along with using this AI tool . Firstly , due to its lack of experience it may take longer than expected for it to complete certain tasks correctly - even if all relevant data is provided . For example , when asked by its creator during testing , AutoGTP struggled for hours attempting to find the best computer under $1000 for video editing before eventually getting stuck in analysis paralysis .

air jordans

Similarly when tasked with finding pricing information for a pair of Air Jordans , it found suitable matches but was unable to finalize due to difficulty finding pricing information . Lastly when asked write an article about its own emergence including a funny introduction , it struggled without success at delivering a complete document . Despite these minor issues however , its creator believes that by summer 2023 we should see significant improvements being made to this tool - integrating it into various applications making our lives much easier !


To conclude , AutoGTP is an extremely promising AI tool that has great potential applications within marketing & businesses alike - enabling us humans reduce our workloads significantly while letting us focus more time on other areas such as creativity & innovation ! Its current limitations however should not put anyone off from giving it a try - especially since improvements are being made constantly !

To get started simply create your OpenAI & ChatGTP accounts then wait until summer 2023 where we should see further integrations into various applications !

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